THE CAAV is a volunteer driven non-profit organization. Its purpose is to act as an information resources to worldwide higher education focusing on immersive visualization platforms, advanced video screen formats, advanced visualization software and issues of sustainability and operation for high tech visualization facilities.

Charters and ByLaws

1. Serve as a unified information resource for higher education researchers, teaching faculty, and staff focused on advanced visualization technology

2. Serve as a “clearing house” for collaboration opportunities in K-12, undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral and all areas of higher education research, corporate services and teaching utilizing advanced visualization technology.

3. Serve as an enthusiastic champion for the deployment of more advanced visualization hardware and software.

4. Serve as a volunteer-based organization for academic-style open expression and discourse among campus representatives.

5. Serve as a professional development, mentoring and public outreach organization fostering student demonstrations, and student competitions.